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A SHOOTING  day in a few words

BEHIND THE SCENES: Dont worry. Let us tell you how a day looks like...

Registration online

First step to be part of our porn studio

You do your registration online on the cover page to the day and time you can take part.  Don't reg. if you can't come.  

To see more pictures  -   please  register with your e-mail on the cover page as well.


All girls do porn in the daily life and THEY KNOW how to FUCK, suck and be super kinky. Trust me !!!!

They LOVE what they do and a large number of them get real Orgasm several times. Check our model gallery on the cover page to see what you like the most.


The  atmosphere is FUN. We have te , coffee and more.  Relaxed time, before and during as well as after the set and everyone will have girl time enough so don't worry.  Quite a few  girls take more than a group of untrained men can deliver.

The girls set the day what they can do and feel for, but in 99% of the cases all goes well in all holes.

You can leave the set any time you like and can't fuck anymore. Or just look at the party. Up to you.


You arrive to the location.. and them..

When you arrive at to set location one or  two girls and one staff receive you. You bring your good mood, clean body etc., and preferred grooved or shaved to set.

You dress in whatever you like to wear, something sexy perhaps and take shower.

You will then meet our test team who will check you for HIV etc. (4 in all). Takes 30 min. all in all and then you are ready to get your part of the fun. YES you are welcome to use condoms all the way or not. But test we do anyway. YOU can bring via smartphone and MIT ID login your own test not older than 5 days. WE use the latest test with a very small window and we know precise how to use them in the best possible way.  We also make a contract stating we can use the content where, how etc. with you and one ID shot that will be encrypted on the day. This is to secure us all for furture use. 


PS: NO , it is not painful at all and it is done in a room for itself. And it similar test done in hospitals and at many porn events around Europe. So there is little reason to worry. But nothing in this world is 100 %. But WE believe and try to do the best for the model and guys.

If the demand or wish is there we can arrange 100% safe GB etc. but we believe testing will be a part of it anyway.  WRITE US.

You will have to do a ID shot as well. This ID is encrypted and not given to 3´ed party . Only as documention for your age and legal participation as requested on some content sites.


YOU are welcome to use a full face mask or use ours. We have a lot in M size. Secondly a t-shirt in case BUT a very tight one. AND above the waistline. IN BLACK - we must be able see your cock in the models pussy.. or mouth.

Secondly we film mostly from neck and down. CLEARY it is better of you can perform without a mask.  But no demand from us. 

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