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Extra options for you

We get soooo many request about our sweet models.

Perhaps you never took part in porn, GB, MMQ, QQM and you are unsure what is right for you or you have a wish. Read about: Dinner date, Erotic evening, your own model pictures, voyeur, escort service . Other?.. write..


Dinner date

Some of our girls like to meet new people, see the city, a cafe and a nice restaurant in the evening or club visit.  You can request the posibility to invite her for a date. No sex in general but dinner date, pictures of you and your model. We dont take part unless requested. We just make sure all goes well. As a gentleman you invite her.. No drunk behavour or bad manners will be tolerated. We only conduct the contact.

You like to watch

A few persons can be as passive participants to our movie recordings. Due to some space limitations this is not alway possible. Ask us what session you like to watch and the cost impact as well. 

PHOTOS (see more here):

Most models can be booked in combination with the video recording we do for  your own foto session. 

Enjoying the Pool


We like to make it clear. We are not an escort office for anyone. And we do not arrange escort service or similar services. 



Do you have a HOT location. House with pool, Shop in the city, GYM?, Roof terasse, Sauna PARADISE, Moterbike club office, OLD looking (WARM) Storage hall, Old car show room or something special , then contact us. Perhaps we can arrange a setup in your place.  Write to or via our formular.

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